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Bug#398333: Automatic partition/disk selection

On Fri, November 17, 2006 9:47, ovdspek@liacs.nl said:
> David Härdeman wrote:
>> Your recipies are missing the "partman-auto/method" entry which you need
>> in addition to "partman-auto/disk" (and forget what I said about
>> "partman-auto/select_disk").
> I'll try that one.
> But why does it only ask the disk question and not the method question if
> you forget both?

If you forget both, it should ask both questions (the "method" question is
the first partitioning screen with choices like "Manually partition disks"
and "Automatically format disk and install using LVM", sorry can't check
the exact wording of the menu right now).

If you forget one of them, I'm not sure which question(s) will be asked,
but its possible that it'll be regarded as an error and both questions
will be asked to make sure that d-i does what you intended it to do.

David Härdeman

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