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Bug#398333: Automatic partition/disk selection

Frans Pop wrote:
reassign 398333 partman-auto
severity 398333 important
retitle 398333 preseeding: strange behavior when disk preseeded but method not thanks

On Friday 17 November 2006 09:47, ovdspek@liacs.nl wrote:
Your recipies are missing the "partman-auto/method" entry which you
need in addition to "partman-auto/disk" (and forget what I said about

Thanks to JoeyH for pointing that out.
I'll try that one.
But why does it only ask the disk question and not the method question
if you forget both?

Because the method is not a question as such when using preseeding.
We should handle the situation where partman-auto/disk is preseeded but
partman-auto/method is not more gracefully though.

Why doesn't it just use the default if it's not preseeded?
Olaf van der Spek

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