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Bug#398333: Automatic partition/disk selection

retitle 398333 partman-auto/method not mentioned in example-preseed.txt

On Fri, November 17, 2006 9:38, Dennis.Hoppe said:
> Hi David,
> thx for the information. but in this case the preseed.conf from
> http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/example-preseed.txt is obsolete.

Yes, that should be fixed (I think it is in the manual sources but the
above URL should also be corrected, not sure of the details of how/when it
is updated)

> for example the configuration of exim:
>   ### Mailer configuration
>   exim4-config exim4/dc_eximconfig_configtype \
>          select no configuration at this time
>   exim4-config exim4/no_config boolean true
>   exim4-config exim4/no_config boolean true
>   exim4-config exim4/dc_postmaster string
> preseed does not configure exim but after booting it will run at service
> without config. i will get the message ... zero ... /var/mail/paniclog or
> so.
> i do not remember the right output.
> i have commented the line out, because the debian-installer configures
> exim
> perfectly.
> another problem is an existing lvm on the hard disk. debian-installer asks
> if
> he should remove it, but he can not. i solved this with deleting the
> partition
> table via alt+f2 and fdisk ...
> should i write this in an new bug report down?

Two new bug reports please. The lvm one should be against partman-auto-lvm
and the exim preseed documentation I'm not sure...either file a bug
against installation-reports and someone will reassign it or ask on the
debian-boot mailing list.

As for the LVM error, please include more information when you file the
bug report...what setup did you have (which partitions, which were using
LVM, how was LVM configured, etc) better too much information than too

And please keep the bug report addresses CC:ed when replying with more
information :)

Thanks for your efforts in debugging and testing the installer.

David Härdeman

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