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Bug#395262: "Arch: all" package FTBFS due to test needing network access - RC?

[Goswin von Brederlow]
> Do they fail when you use sudo instead of fakeroot or when you run the
> complete build process as root?

The usual reason a package fails with sudo is that it assumes the
$(PWD) macro will be available, pointing to the current working
directory.  sudo does not preserve this environment variable, which is
often set by interactive shells.

> And why do they fail? Is there some specific test they do just to
> detect fakeroot or is it a shortcomming of fakeroot that makes the
> build suddenyl behave differently and succeed?

fakeroot does not emulate root completely.  It does not wrap the
access(2) systen call, which _should_ pretty much always succeed when
run as root.  Succeeding can cause a test failure if the test is
testing permissions that are supposed to be denied.

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