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Bug#395262: "Arch: all" package FTBFS due to test needing network access - RC?

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

> On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 11:53:32PM -0600, Peter Samuelson wrote:
>> > Robert Collins <robertc@robertcollins.net> writes:
>> > > I can also note why bazaar wont build as root: its test suite
>> > > includes a test for the ability to handle read only directories
>> > > correctly. As root, anything is writable, so this test fails.
>> [Goswin von Brederlow]
>> > That test should add a test for root and skip it. If that is the only
>> > reason not to build as root then that should be no excuse (post
>> > etch).
>> Your unspoken premise is that there is a _reason_ to support building
>> packages as root.  Why?  I think it is better just to tell people not
>> to do that.
> Do some arch not have trouble with fakeroot, and need sudo to work ? This
> means you need to be able to build packages as real root, no ? Or was this
> fixed lately ? I think mips/mipsel, and some other arch where concerned.
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

Real or fake makes no difference. Anything that test id or file
permissions will (hopefully) behave the same with fakeroot.

Also, normaly packages are not build as root. The build target is
called as user and then only "binary-*" as root. A test suite run in
build will run as user.

The binary-* targets MUST work as root.


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