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Bug#396482: installation-reports: S61mouse-support-x86 should use modprobe in the same way than other scripts (-q + || true)

Geert Stappers wrote:
Op 01-11-2006 om 01:07 schreef Eric Valette:
Using this version of the script make this system boot with a kernel where all modules are built-in

if [ "$DEBIAN_FRONTEND" = gtk ] ; then
    modprobe -q evdev || true
    modprobe psmouse || true

Why modprobe another module when all modules are built-in?
(i.o.w. I don't understand the reason for this bugreport)

Because if the modules is not there and modprobe fails then you end up with an endless loop. Besides all other call in the installer are made this way.

-- eric

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