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Re: Installing Debian amd64 on an asus P5W DH Deluxe + E6600 : kernel on installer broken + bugs in d-i when changing kernel + modules

On Wednesday 01 November 2006 01:05, Eric Valette wrote:
> Found the culprit : S61mouse-support-x86 is incorrectly written  : it
> does not use -q option for modeprobe not the || true.

Nice job of tracing that!

The installer is not really set up to work with kernels that are 
configured totally different from the standard Debian kernels.

If you really have a totally different kernel, you may run into other 
issues as well later on in the installation.

> Will fill a bug because it almost prevent to easilly upgrade to a
> newer/better configured kernel.

Note that "better configured" is a subjective opinion.
For the installer, it is much better (or at least safer) to start with the 
configuration the Debian kernel uses. How you configure the kernel for 
your installed system is of course completely up to you.

This particular issue is fairly easily avoided, so I have no problem with 
fixing it. Please file your bug report against the package rootskel-gtk.


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