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Re: Bug#395259: nobootloader: [powerpc/pegasos] bad sed invocation breaks devfs style paths (division by zero)

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 02:44:22PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 07:23:43PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > > > Ok, Frans, please step back into reality.
> > > > I filled a correct patch back then, which i had tested and everything.
> > > > This patch did not get applied, but modified slightly by Colin or you
> > > > or whoever, which resulted in d-i being utterly broken on pegasos. And
> > > > then you speak like this to me ?
> > > > And to add to this the other patches which completed the hypervisor
> > > > serial ports in finish-install, which i loast because of the conflict
> > > > caused by not having my patches commited, but merged with a slight
> > > > difference and with a untimely delay, causing a big mess in my checked
> > > > out version, and you then later reproaching me that i did not send it.
> > > > Furthermore, my attitude has been more than correct with you and the
> > > > d-i team since at least the starting of september, and you have
> > > > yourself indulged at least four-five times, in practices against me
> > > > which are the exact echo of what was reproached against me back then.
> > > Bla, bla, bla and fuck you too.
> > Sure, exact the same behaviour on your part, ad-hominem attacks and bashings,
> > while i did nothing but be constructive.
> No, Sven, there is nothing constructive at all about self-righteously

Steve, there is a lot whole of constructive thing, in me submitting patches,
especially patches for RC-breakage caused by him or Colin applying untested
modifications of my patches.

And i want you to comment on the fact that Frans continuously pick on me, like
making comments like the line which preceeded the 'step back into reality'line
above, and which you chose to conveniently cut.

How hypocrit of you, to side with Frans so, and to remove the line which would
be damaging to him. And then i was told manipulative.

> telling Frans to "step back into reality", and proclaiming your indignance
> that he would "speak like this to you".  There is nothing "correct" about
> the attitude that you show here.

Ah, yeah. And so, there is nothing i ever can do, and i will always be an
outcast of d-i, and every effort i could make will always be greated by the
same amount of random bashing from Frans.

I mean, look at my mail above, it was most reasonable, not aggressive, much
more tame that what is usually common on debian mailing lists and irc
channels, so what is reproached to me this time ? 

Come on Steve, you are not being fair to me, and you perfectly know it.

> > Please stop this now, and reinstate my commit right, and stop this insidious
> > and unprovoked bashing.
> You can be self-righteous, or you can have people be willing to cooperate
> with you.  You can't have both.

I have been cooperating, but the only result is that Frans is continuing in
his insidious and unprovoked bashing. This in my opinion, makes him lose all
justification to be judge and to still keep me as an outcast. Its the fifth
time i count where he has been unprovocatedly bashing against me in small
ways, and this is not acceptable.

So, please, before posting such one-sided unfair stuff, look at what really
is happening, which is something quite different from what happened in spring,
consider it has been over 6 months now, and think a bit before making such

Again, Frans, i ask you to stop this insidious bashing, and if you cannot do
it alone, Anthony, as DPL, i take you to your word when you issued that
inperfect settlement back then, and revisit the issue today.


Sven Luther

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