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Re: sparc64 installation reports - Ultra5

On Friday 20 October 2006 06:29, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Just tried a few installs using netinst 20061019 on my Ultra5
> (Ultrasparc CPU, 128M of RAM, 8GB IDE hard drive, atyfb framebuffer
> hooked up to a monitor)

Thanks Jurij.

> * Lithuanian install: automatic partitioning, use entire disk and
>   setup lvm, separate /home partition, use network mirror, web server.
>   Initial partitioning screen, and partitioning erase warning (and
>   some other minor stuff) are not translated.

This should be fixed with upcoming translations updates.

> Framebuffer on this box is working, making pseudographics and fonts
> look very nice. More reports to come tomorrow and over the weekend.

Was the framebuffer enabled by default or not?
If not, what is 'cat /proc/fb' ?


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