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Re: SATA modules missing in debian installer on alpha

On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 09:38:46AM +0200, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> Yesterday I crashed my initrd which forced me to boot from the latest debian
> business-card/netinst cd image. Unfortunately on this disks are no SATA
> kernel modules. I386 and most other contains an "sata-modules-*-di.udeb",
> but alpha is missing that. Without that I was only able to reach my /boot
> device and not the root partition staying on the SATA disc to repair my
> initrd. As there is no other possibility to repair a debian system on alpha
> than with the command line on a installer disk it would be very important to
> have all SCSI/IDE/SATA modules somewhere reachable from the CD (on CD or in
> the download after init of network) like in the other architectures.
> At the end I fixed my problem by extracting the kernel modules from an
> standard kernel image also on the CD (the one for later installtion) - which
> worked.
> This missing modules would also prevent me from reinstalling the whole
> system (which is not possible to the only 64 MB boot CF card on the SCSI
> controller)!
> Is it possible to also build all SATA modules on alpha for di (should I file
> a bug report? -> which category)? I think they were left off because alpha
> never had sata disks in their systems. But upgraded systems could have it.
> And for example USB storage drivers are also on the CD which are also very
> uncommon for alpha.

I would suggest:
	1.	Make a new daily-build installation set.
	2.	Try an install
	3.	It won't see your SATA drives
	4.	File an installation report which will show an error 
		at "Detect Hard Drives"

The installation report format can be found in the installation manual
along with instructions on how to send it.  Hint:  the first line must
start "Package:  installation-reports".  

Include in the report what you've put here.

Good luck,


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