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daily images test: two comments (touchpad + preseeding)


this is about a test with businesscard cd from 18.10.06

- I have a synaptics touchpad (acting as a ps2 device) and it
  is not working in g-i: mouse pointer is there, but disappears
  when touchpad is touched.
  (Although it is detected correctly:
	from vt1:
	Direct/Thread: Running `Linux Input` (INPUT, 2198)...
	DirectFB/Input: SynPS/2 Synaptics Touchpad (3) 0.1
  and lsmod shows psmouse loaded)
  Something else I can do here?
- on the vt4 I saw a message
  "preseed: successfully loaded preseed file from file:///preseed.cfg"
  Is there a preseed file on the cd? I did nothing else, only
  booting from the disk.

The rest looks really cool.



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