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Re: Successfull install, two questions.

On Sunday 08 October 2006 09:26, Frank Bauer wrote:
> Minor question:
> Why is the modutils package installed when Debian does not use 2.4
> kernels anymore?

Problem is that the package is priority standard and thus automatically 
installed. This is not an installer issue. However it is being or will be 

> More serious question:
> I used the following crypto-setup: LVM on the top of one big dm-crypt
> partition (sda2) + small /boot partition (sda1). LVM currently
> contains one logical volume "root" holding everything (I'm planning
> to add "home" and "swap" later).
> While shutting down the system, I can see that crypto partition can
> not be stopped, because LVM is still running on the top of it and LVM
> can not be stopped, because it seems that LV "root" is still open:

This is normal and harmless, unless you would get file system checks on 
the reboot.


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