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Re: RFC: Possible (partial) solution for device persistence issue

15 жовтня 2006 о 23:45 +0200 Geert Stappers написав(-ла):
> Infact I don't understand why device naming does differ. AFAIK are the
> d-i kernel and the installed kernel from the same build. That d-i uses
> different tools (busybox, libc?) then installed kernel, will have it
> good reason. But it is no reason that devices naming differs ...
Probably because drivers are loaded in different order, this can also
happen on the installed system without any change to libraries or tools.
And with current changes to the kernel (parallel probing of devices)
that will happen more an more often (but it may be fixed in similar way
as for network interfaces, see /etc/udev/persistent-net-generator.rules).

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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