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Bug#393036: debian-installer: don't install modutils

Package: debian-installer

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From: Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl>
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Subject: Re: Successfull install, one question.
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:57:55 +0200
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Op 08-10-2006 om 00:26 schreef Frank Bauer:
> Foremost, thank you all for this fine installer. It is very intuitive
> and simply "feels right".
> [Success report]
> Minor question:
> Why is the modutils package installed when Debian does not use 2.4
> kernels anymore?

The package information of modutils says:
Description: Linux module utilities
 These utilities are intended to make a Linux modular 2.2 or 2.4
 kernel manageable for all users, administrators and distribution
 maintainers. For 2.6 kernels, you should use the module-init-tools

So it does make sense to remove the modutils package now that d-i use 2.6


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Seems like a good exercise to known the d-i build system better.

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