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Re: Adding RAID 6 support to the Installation Disk

On Monday 09 October 2006 16:31, Dr. Harold K. Brown, P.E. wrote:
>  I believe it would be beneficial for Etch users to have a Raid 6
> installation option that really works at time of installation.  I can
> help with testing and even do some patches.  My time is limited, and I
> do know time is short with the upcoming planned Etch stable release. 
> If the installation team is open for this, please contact me and let me
> know the best way to approach this if there is a desire to include this
> capability into the installation disk.

Adding support is always great. However, as you rightly say, the timing is 
tight. Too tight IMO: we are currently preparing the first Release 
Candidate of the installer for Etch and we will be hard pressed to solve 
the outstanding issues for that.

Of course, if it is only a question of adding the driver and no changes 
are needed in the installer itself, getting support is completely up to 
the kernel team and the installer will follow almost automatically.

I don't really see us adding new functionality in the installer itself at 
this late date, especially as it cannot be tested before the driver has 
been included by the kernel team _and_ the installer has been switched to 

Your contributions to get support it will still be very welcome though and 
they would certainly be considered for addition after Etch. If the 
changes are small, ready in time and tested, we could even reconsider.

>  This would require an addition of a device driver with a risk factor
> that I believe to be low.  Currently the drive is open source and has
> been included into the Git Tree at kernel.org.  The driver is supported
> by the company now and complies with the kernel code writing standards.
>  I believe the drivers will be included in the 2.6.19 or 2.6.20
> kernel.org.  However, I understand that Etch will use 2.6.16 or 2.6.18
> and thus the driver will not be included.

Please contact the kernel team for this. It is not an installer team 


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