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Bug#390401: Same problem, maybe fixed

also sprach Jim Paris <jim@jtan.com> [2006.10.06.2022 +0200]:
> I did a new install (on i386 this time, previously I've been on
> amd64), with the disk split into a root and RAID1 partition to ensure
> mdadm would be installed.  It failed during base install, at which
> point I ran:

Your help is really appreciated and excellent in detail!

> then put the disk in another machine and tarred it up.  I didn't run
> mdadm.postinst with DEBIAN_HAS_FRONTEND=1 because I wanted to leave
> things in the broken state, but I can do it again if that'll help.
> The file is here (86M):
>   http://jim.sh/~jim/tmp/target.tar.gz
> Let me know if there's anything else I should try.

I don't know how DEBIAN_HAS_FRONTEND=1 would help things.

Anyway, could you see if using


fixes the problem for you? Either by installing it into the chroot
by hand before APT does, or by adding

  deb http://debian.madduck.net/repo sid main

as APT repository during the install? If this does not fix it, then
we can debug the existing issue further. I am almost sure it will

Thanks a lot, again, for your help!

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