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Bug#390401: Same problem, maybe fixed

martin f krafft wrote:
> >   http://jim.sh/~jim/tmp/target.tar.gz
> I don't know how DEBIAN_HAS_FRONTEND=1 would help things.

Neither do I, but it does :)  Here's how to demonstrate it using
target.tar.gz on another system:

  cd /tmp
  tar xzf target.tar.gz
  chroot target

then you can see the problem by running

  apt-get -f install    # dpkg error

Try configuring normally:

  /var/lib/dpkg/info/mdadm.postinst configure
  apt-get -f install    # dpkg error

Try configuring with DEBIAN_HAS_FRONTEND:
  DEBIAN_HAS_FRONTEND=1 /var/lib/dpkg/info/mdadm.postinst configure
  # (hit enter for each of the configuration prompts)
  apt-get -f install    # works

> Anyway, could you see if using

I'll test that .deb out a bit later tonight or tomorrow, thanks.


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