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g-i on PPC survey results


I spent last days in collecting reports from Debian PPC users (thanks to all those guys who kindly provided these datas) and now i've reported the results in this wikipage [1]. As you can see, there seems to be no simple way to get g-i working on G3s, and successes were reported with G4s only. There was generally no way to boot directly into the graphical installer, testers had to boot textual and switch to graphical to prevent crases: i can only guess this is due to some cdebconf / DFB initialization issues which has to be investigated someday. Different directfb configurations were tested, and a general result is that "no-hardware" has to be present in directfbrc to get a working DFB. On PowerBook6,7 adding "disable-module=linux_input" to directfbrc causes crashes, while on some other models this is a necessary directfbrc entry. All testing machines were equipped with some kind of Radeon chip, and the option "disable-module=radeon" proved to be always harmless. A wider testbase is needed tough to validate existing results: pheraps i should issue a call for testing on debian-powerpc ?



[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/GUIToDo

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