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Re: RFC: out-of-tree module udebs

Hi all,

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 06:40:55PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> In the in between time (for arches that have already switched
> to the new kernel), part of the functionality of the installer
> will be unavailable.  Seems acceptable though.

I think so too. I'll need to check that e.g. partman-crypto
handles not being able to load loop-aes-modules anyway. I would
agree that having some delay between kernel update and
linux-modules-di upload would not be too bad. 

> Not necessarily. As there is no need to run depmod, I would say
> it should be fairly straightforward to let the autobuilders
> take care of that. And even if not, I've already got the basic
> script to do the builds of linux-kernel-di-* centrally; it
> should be straightforward to have that support
> linux-modules-di-* too.

Okay. Given the central build script, I'm not sure it's worth to
look into autobuilding the package right now. I imagine building
on buildds can be tricky because <foo>-modules-<kvers> often
depend on linux-image-<kvers>.

So, based on (I think) all feedback received, I created a first
package of this kind in /people/xam/kernel/; It includes only
loop-aes-modules for now but can be extended to also handle other
modules in a simple way once the need arises.


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