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Bug#342053: once more without the mouse (part 2 -- linux-input disabled)

Rick Thomas wrote:

This time without the mouse connected, and with disabling "linux-input"

~# echo "disable-module=linux-input" >>/etc/directfbrc
~# export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=gtk
~# debian-installer

As usual, it crashed when it tried to initialize the graphical  installer.

Messages were substantially the same as before with minor variations attributable to the lack of a USB mouse and the different disablement.

something similar here, experimenting with a PowerBook6,7 MacRISC3 Power Macintosh. DFB's behaviour seems to depend from both specific gfx driver and input module being enabled or not. In my case disabling linux_input causes a crash, no matter the USB mouse is plugged in or not.

Also, i wonder why booting with the NEWT frontend, exiting to a shell and then doing


works, while a straight boot with the GTK frontend causes a crash, as directfbrc is the same in both cases. Is this a timing issue related to the order processes are started in the d-i ? or cdebconf initialization togheter with DFB initialization causes unpredictable effects? I remember at Extremadura, with Sven's PPC, we had to launch a gtkdfb app first, kill it, and only then start cdebconf with GTK frontend to get things working. I'll soon setup a wikipage where to collect datas from my recent g-i on PPC survey



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