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Bug#342053: DirectFrameBuffer crashes on PPC systems if HW accelerated drivers are used

Sven Luther wrote:


I belive disabling hw acceleration on PPC machines is a good choice, as we're interested in stability, not performance, and i also belive performance drop won't be even detectable in the case of a simple DFB application like our GTK frontend. By the way, i think disabling HW acceleration unconditionally for *every architecture* wouldn't be a bad idea, this could save us many a headache in the future.

I would enable a 'secret' debconf switch to enable hw accel, be it only for

That's a good idea.
I also wonder if kernels shipped in d-i include or not modules for hardware specific framebuffer devices, or generic drivers (like vesafb on i386) only.

Sven, looking at the PNG you posted it looks like the trashed banner colours issue we experienced at extremadura is gone, does also the cursor is displayed correctly (to grab both screen and pointer at DFB's level, you can press the "PrtSc" key in the case your PPC has one) ?

The pegasos uses a normal PC keyboard, so i should have this key, but in any
case, indeed both these issues are gone, and the two new ones i mentioned are
there (the list selection dissapearance thingy). Do you see that on x86 also ?

Yes, i saw the vanished lines in your screenshots and i belive this may be #385026, which is GTKDFB 2.8.x related and affects all HW platforms. As Frans said, this is a quite annoying bug and i'll try to see if i can fix it in GTKDFB 2.8.20 with a small patch (but i'm not sure it's going to be an easy fix).

Also, about the console font corruption with radeonfb, i would be interested
in feedback of if it is a powerpc only issue, or ppc stuff ?

No idea, i on no radeon boards :(

Any chanche to test if disabling HW acceleration also makes the g-i usable on machines equippped with ATI or NVIDIA graphic boards ( where atyfb and nvidiafb modules would be used in the case HW acceleration was not forced off ) ?

Nope, but as soon as the fixed rootskel-gtk is uploaded, we can issue a call
for testers on debian-powerpc, using the daily builds.

A round of PPC tests would be useful, especially it happens to find owners of ATI or NVIDIA boards.



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