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Bug#342053: DirectFrameBuffer crashes on PPC systems if HW accelerated drivers are used

On Sep 24, 2006, at 5:52 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

On Sun, Sep 24, 2006 at 04:17:58AM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:

On Sep 23, 2006, at 6:13 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

Also, about the console font corruption with radeonfb, i would be
in feedback of if it is a powerpc only issue, or ppc stuff ?

No idea, i on no radeon boards :(

Someone else ?

I might have a NewWorld Mac with a radeon board...  If so, it's at
work, so checking will have to wait til Monday.  I'll let you know.

Yes, please. Do you remember the model exactly ?

OK.  I have a G4 PowerMac with

0000:00:10.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]

Will that be useful?

rick@darkstar:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
cpu             : 7450, altivec supported
clock           : 733.333331MHz
revision        : 0.1 (pvr 8000 0201)
bogomips        : 66.30
timebase        : 33217233
platform        : PowerMac
machine         : PowerMac3,5
motherboard     : PowerMac3,5 MacRISC2 MacRISC Power Macintosh
detected as     : 69 (PowerMac G4 Silver)
pmac flags      : 00000010
L2 cache        : 256K unified
pmac-generation : NewWorld



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