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Re: Important: some Debian Installer translations are in great danger

I'm happy to announce that this rather alarming message alerady had a
few effects:

> Croatian   | 2005-04-03 | 1091t  256f  173u

Translation deeply corrected and completed by Josip Rodin. It now
needs more testing and keep the maintenance level and that will be

Josip, do you want me to add your mail to the mini robot that warns
translators when something changes in level 1 to 5 files? It's
probably much better to keep a constant effort than having to do big
rushes. Moreover, the new translations will then flow more smoothly in
the various D-I components.

> Hindi      | 2005-10-29 |  713t  138f  669u

Nishant Sharma promised to revive the l10n effort. It is mostly
managed in the indlinux entrans server. It probably needs to be
synchronized more often than now.

Karunakar conducted some testing during the time he was in Extremadura
or at the OOo conference.

In short, these two languages now have more chances to be kept....but
no promise is made yet..:-)

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