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Important: some Debian Installer translations are in great danger

(Bcc'ed to all translators addresses I have for mentioned
languages. Please reply to debian-i18n@lists.debian.org, NOT to myself)

After a discussion I've had with Frans Pop, the Debian Installer
release manager, the probability for some translations to be DISABLED
in Debian Installer RC1 is very high.

The following translations have not had any update for many months and
we have not detected any translator activity to correct this.

THIS IS THE VERY LAST WARNING before these translations are disabled
for the Debian Installer Release Candidate 1 (RC1) version, due out at
the end of October. Translators have roughly 2 weeks before the
disabling action is taken. Translations will be kept as master files
for the future, of course. We will not drop these translations, just
remove them from the proposed languages in the installer.

Below is the list of translations, the date of the last commit to
the relevant file (not counting automated update by sync scripts) and
the statistics for the level 1 file.

Already de-activated (indeed never really activated):
Serbian    | 2004-09-15 | 4t10f1506u

Languages that were supported in sarge but wouldn't be in etch:
Croatian   | 2005-04-03 | 1091t  256f  173u
Welsh      | 2006-03-17 | 1105t  247f  168u

Languages that failed to have recent activity:
Belarusian | 2005-04-09 |  242t  448f  830u
Xhosa      | 2005-07-14 |  716t  419f  385u
Persian    | 2005-08-01 |  852t  353f  315u
Hindi      | 2005-10-29 |  713t  138f  669u
Kazakh     | 2005-12-23 | 1049t  269f  202u 
Tamil      | 2006-05-10 |  526t   31f  963u
Georgian   | 2006-06-01 |  425t  321f  774u

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