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Re: Preparing linux-2.6 2.6.18-1

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Steve Langasek wrote:
> > If it is the consensus of the project that sourceless firmware doesn't
> > belong in main, this is a conscious regression in DFSG-compliance relative
> > to sarge.  I don't think that's acceptable.  We obviously do have the
> > means to remove this particular subset of non-free firmware from main
> > (technically imperfect though it may be), and of the firmware that was
> > removed for sarge the only one that was important enough to get me glared
> > at personally was qla2xxx -- so what are these other already-removed
> > firmwares that are so
> > important to have re-added now?  (I did ask for a list, which no one has
> > provided yet; I can't find the pruning script in the kernel team's svn
> > repo, or I would look it up myself.)
> Here you go, Steve.
> drivers/media/video/dabfirmware.h
> drivers/net/acenic_firmware.h
> drivers/net/dgrs_firmware.c
> drivers/net/tokenring/smctr_firmware.h
> drivers/usb/misc/emi62_fw_m.h
> drivers/usb/misc/emi62_fw_s.h
> The above are all undistributable: smctr_firmware.h under a use-only 
> license, the others because they are "GPL" without source or have no
> license at all.
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_mpr_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa18x_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa19_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa19qi_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa19qw_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa19w_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa28_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa28xa_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa28xb_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa28x_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa49w_fw.h
> drivers/usb/serial/keyspan_usa49wlc_fw.h
> These are all under a unique and annoying license:
> "redistributable as part of a Linux or other Open Source operating system
> kernel"
> Additional regressions relative to sarge:
> * tg3 was readded with the upstream firmware at some point after
> the release of sarge, despite the existing firmware loading patches, 
> and is already in the 2.6.17 packages
> * The bnx2 driver was introduced upstream with sourceless, but 
> distributable, firmware.
> * e100 and starfire acquired sourceless, undistributable firmware upstream 
> between the sarge release and now (God only knows why)
> * New drivers were introduced upstream between the sarge release and now 
> with the following sourceless, undistributable firmware: 
> - drivers/net/cassini.h
> - drivers/scsi/ql1040_fw.h

You might want to have a closer look at some of those, I know the
qla1040/qla1280 is already supported in 2.4 and always had firmware.
(It also needs to download firmware for most devices.)


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