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Bug#388845: debian-installer: Warn of sarge apt-proxy when selecting mirror

On 24-Sep-2006 Joey Hess wrote:
>> IMHO it would be nice to have a hint / warning about sarge apt-proxy
>> when manually selecting a mirror. Otherwise many people may stumble over
>> this incompatibility.
> How is a client supposed to get the proxy version?
Not at all. I thought of an unconditional line of text.
First one selects "Choose a mirror of the Debian archive" -> 
"enter information manually". The next page asks for a mirror hostname.
It could include a line of text with s.th. like "An apt-proxy from Sarge will
not work."

Of course this information would also be seen by people that do not need it..
But it would only bother people that have a "special" proxy. And I think they
may rather be happy about that hint than annoyed.

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