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Bug#389088: Segfault when taking a screenshot after disk partitioning

On Sunday 24 September 2006 13:25, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Sunday 24 September 2006 09:48, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> >>>I just tried todays Etch beta netinstall install CD with the
> >>>graphical install (installgui). When the partitioning step is done
> >>>and the computer starts to actually do something in the background
> >>>(probably writing the partition table or mkfs) it seems to be unwise
> >>>to click on
> >>>the "Screenshot" button. I got thrown to the text console and saw a
> >>>segfault. Then the partitioning manager was started again and at
> >>>least I could start from scratch.
> >>
> >>Cristoph, could you please give us an overview of the HW configuration
> >>(HW architecture, graphic board) that caused the segfault?
> >
> > Hmm. Didn't we have this problem anyway if the button was enabled
> > while the installer was running? Maybe we just need to look into that
> > and disable it...
> Indeed, Christoph's hw configuration is pretty common (at first i tough
> he was runnin the g-i on some exotic hardware), so the bug may be due to
> something at a higher level than DFB.
> In the GTK frontend the "Screenshot" button is disabled every time a
> frontend_progress_xxx() is called, so i guess it's impossible for one to
> click on it while a progressbar is running.
> Christoph, were you actually able to take a screenshot *while* the
> progressbar was running?

I just tried it again and it seems to have been a timing issue. After 
pressing the "Next" button the "Screenshot" button is still available for 
about a second. If I click on the "Screenshot" button very quickly then 
the installer (component) segfault. Before the actual partitioning happens 
the "Screenshot" button gets deactivated. So I think we can blame it on 
the timing. Most people won't encounter this effect. So if it's a real 
effort to fix this I'd suggest to leave it like it is.


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