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Bug#389088: Segfault when taking a screenshot after disk partitioning

Frans Pop wrote:
On Sunday 24 September 2006 09:48, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

I just tried todays Etch beta netinstall install CD with the
graphical install (installgui). When the partitioning step is done
and the computer starts to actually do something in the background
(probably writing the partition table or mkfs) it seems to be unwise
to click on
the "Screenshot" button. I got thrown to the text console and saw a
segfault. Then the partitioning manager was started again and at
least I could start from scratch.

Cristoph, could you please give us an overview of the HW configuration
(HW architecture, graphic board) that caused the segfault?

Hmm. Didn't we have this problem anyway if the button was enabled while the installer was running? Maybe we just need to look into that and disable it...

Indeed, Christoph's hw configuration is pretty common (at first i tough he was runnin the g-i on some exotic hardware), so the bug may be due to something at a higher level than DFB. In the GTK frontend the "Screenshot" button is disabled every time a frontend_progress_xxx() is called, so i guess it's impossible for one to click on it while a progressbar is running. Christoph, were you actually able to take a screenshot *while* the progressbar was running?

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