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Re: Bladr GTK theme for g-i ready for packaging

Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Luca Bruno has just finished polishing up his nice "Bladr" GTK+ theme, that i propose as default GTK theme for use in the g-i. A tarball can be found here [1] and i suggest (at least for the short period) to package Bladr in the rootskel-gtk theme like it was proposed to do for the GTK accessibility theme by Denis. An issue arises: to make GTKDFB able to load PNGs for themes, the pixmap loading library must be provided, like the package gtk2-engines-pixmap does on a regular debian system by providing "libpixmap.so" on a X GTK target. I guess this issue has to be managed by the gtk-gnome-team, should we ask them to provide a .udeb containing the libpixmap.so engine only ?


any progress in packaging the Bladr and HighContrastLarge GTK themes for g-i ? IIRC it was proposed to pack them into rootskel-gtk package.



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