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boot issue with a proliant 350 server


I'm trying to let a first generation Compaq Proliant 350 Server run
Debian, but the 3.1 netinstall CD lets me know that no hard discs are
available to install it too.

I've been looking at HP fora and other resources online, but could not
find a definite answer.

Is there somebody who could help me shed some light as to how I can make
this machine boot, or at least let it recognize the SCSI drives that are
in there?

What I could figure out so far, hardware-wise:
2 Compaq 64-bit Dual Wide Ultra 3 SCSI adapters
Compaq NC7760 Gigabit server adapter
Compaq Smart Array 532 controller

If I understand correctly, the last array controller is the one that
should kickstart and make the hardware RAID work - or am I mistaken?

I ran the linux26 command from the netinstall CD - but still there is a
complaint from the netinstall that no physical drives are found.
Could somebody direct me on where to find a driver somwhere, that is a
.exe file, and that I can load?

Or is there only option, namely compiling a specific kernel for this

thanks in advance, I appreciate any pointers you people might have

Frank Guthorel
Director Interactive

Porter Novelli
Bomastraat 14A
B-9000 Gent

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