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Re: Preparing linux-2.6 2.6.18-1

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 15:38, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> First, the migration status and plan looks as follows:
> - linux-2.6 2.6.17-9 has already migrated to testing and can be updated
>   through t-p-u.
> - after linux-latest-2.6 migrates into testing later today, we will
>   upload a new linux-latest-2.6 pointing to 2.6.18 to unstable.
> - the kernel udebs in unstable are 2.6.17 and need manual intervention
>   to migrate.
> - it should be ok to remove the linux-2.6.16 packages after we receive
>   confirmation that d-i works well with 2.6.17 in testing.
> Considering this, an upload of linux-2.6 2.6.18-1 to unstable should
> not delay any D-I plans, and we we should be able to proceed.

Frederik and I discussed this on IRC and AFAICT this plan will work for 
D-I. I will soon be starting preparations for RC1. I plan to keep D-I 
based on 2.6.17 for now as it is possible that 2.6.18 will yet not be 
ready to migrate to testing when we are ready to release RC1 [1]. Should 
I hear from the kernel team that 2.6.18 _is_ ready before RC1, then we 
will consider making the switch and releasing RC1 with 2.6.18 instead.

One thing: it will not be possible to update loop-aes-modules to 2.6.18 in 
unstable until either
- the udebs are split out into a different source package (Max Vozeler is
  working on this), or
- d-i switches to 2.6.18, or
- RC1 is released.

> Only the qla2xxx firmwares have been removed upstream and in order to
> operate these cards, our users need the firmware deb/udeb from
> non-free.

Depending on the outcome of the resolution, we may need to do something 
with this fact. I don't yet know what, but let's wait for the GR first.

> If the release and debian-installer teams don't object, we will upload
> an unpruned linux-2.6 2.6.18-1 to unstable today.

As I said, I don't see any problems that really need to delay an upload.
On the other hand I also do not see why this upload needs to be done 
- in general rushing uploads in this stage of the release is a bad idea
- it gives very little time for people to respond to this mail; maybe
  others see issues I am missing
- I understand that for some architectures needed changes have not yet
  been made in the kernel packaging

Personally I would prefer the upload (or at least accepting the upload 
into the archive, i.e. NEW processing) to be delayed by two or three days 
so we can test D-I Beta3 with 2.6.17, which can only happen after 
linux-latest-2.6 has actually migrated to testing.


[1] I've already seen one possible RC issue mentioned on the lists: some
    driver that is broken. Can't find the post though.

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