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Re: Bug#388159: missing lspci on a fresh install

I feel my previous email could be taken as harsh on my side, which it
was not menat to be at all. I apologize to the reporter if he feels this

Sven Luther wrote:
> it was Frans who suggested this, and doing ping-pong of bug reporters
> is hardly user friendly

I am not doing ping pong of anything. This bug was incorrectly
assigned to the base pseudo-package, which I co-maintain with Dato, so
it is my duty to reassign it to where I think it belongs. 

Of course I could be wrong and it might be reassigned again to a more
suited package and I see no problem with it.

> especially given the rather crude kind of response Guy and Rick are
> getting.

Despite whatever empathy I might feel or not about this issue, I don't
see how letting this bug rot in the wrong place can be more polite,
useful or fulfilling for the bug reporter. 

Regards... and Happy and productive discussion/hacking to all involved! 
       (Please keep me out this loop)

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