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Bug#388085: installation on Apple G5

reassign 388085 parted
retitle 388085 parted/libparted has trouble with mac-os-x generated partition tables
On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 10:04:41AM +0200, EXTERNAL Brodkorb Waldemar (Tarent; AA-DG/ESW1) wrote:
> Hi,
> I can not give you the partition table or map, because I reinstalled everything again.
> I now have installed MacOSX on a clean disk, the first 200 GB free HFS partition, then 40 GB for MacOSX HFS+ case-sensitive 
> with journaling feature. After the MacOS X installation went fine, I installed Debian again, now with the latest Netinstall ISO-image
> for etch. Still the Partition Tool in the Debian Installer, did not recognize any of the existing Mac Partition Map.

Can i get a copy of the partition map of this one ? Or better yet, send it as
bug report to the parted package ? What version of mac-os-x was this anyway ?

> I switched to a shell and used "mac-fdisk" to create a Apple Bootstrap partition, a Linux Swap partition and a Linux partition for a
> big ext3 root filesystem. After that I could install the base system. The installation of the bootloader (yaboot) did not succeed.

What does the parted command line tool say you about your partition ? Can you
run it, eventually do a print in it, and paste the output here ? 

> After I rebooted the Mac and booted again into the Rescue-System I could install yaboot. Now the dual boot is working fine.
> I think the Kernel does not reread the partition map after I added the Linux partitions.

It does if you ask it about it, parted and libparted based tools should handle
this just fine. mac-fdisk is kinda obsoleted.

> Are you having automatically support for Mac Partition Maps in the Debian Installer?

Sure. But then maybe apple created some bug or incompatiblity with their
latest version of mac os x ? 


Sven Luther

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