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Bug#388003: Incorrect behavior when changing from sudo to non-sudo setup

On Sunday 17 September 2006 04:26, Ken Bloom wrote:
> The other bug is at the
> point of creating users. It asked me whether I wanted to configure the
> root on that system for sudo. I answered yes, it complained about a
> blank password, and then asked me to enter "the password for the new
> user" without ever asking me a username, or telling me that I was
> really entering a root password. I tried that step again, this time
> without sudo, and it asked me for "a password for the new user" (who I
> assume must be root), but never asked me to create a new user account
> for a normal user.

I can reproduce this issue as follows:
- in expert mode
- run user-setup answering No at "login as root" (sudo setup)
- complete other questions until menu is shown
- run user-setup again and change "login as root" to Yes

At that point you would expect the system to ask for a root password, but 
it does not. Effectively this means the system will still be set up for 
sudo (and probably not fully correct), even though the user changed his 


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