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Bug#387767: Installation Failure

On Saturday 16 September 2006 18:06, Keith Parkansky wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> Encountered same kernel panic ("not syncing") during
> installation using both i386 CD#1 and NETINST CD on
> two separate (but same hardware) systems.

Is the system frozen after the error or can you still for example switch 
to VT2?

What are the full messages on the screen?
We really need more info to have any chance of reassigning this to the 

> Also tried install setting framebuffers=false at the boot prompt
> but still encountered panic.

That is unlikely to have any effect in this case.
Better candidates for working around the problem are booting with:
or combinations of those.

> Progress bar window with "Detecting hardware to find CD-ROMs"
> appears and completes to end and then window disappears
> leaving a blue screen.

So the modules are loaded correctly but the panic seems to happen when the 
CD is accessed. Can you try to run the installation in expert mode so we 
can see at exactly which step the failure occurs. We can try more 
debugging once we know this.

Another thing to try in expert mode is to load only those modules relevant 
for your hardware in the "Detecting hardware to find CD-ROMs" step.

If you can, try with a different cdrom drive.


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