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Bug#387897: Installation report

Hi Timo,

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 12:44:04PM +0300, Timo Myyrä wrote:
> I had troubles with the crypting my harddrive. It just said that error 
> happened. I could choose the encryption and all but when I was supposed
> to write them to disk it started complaing about error. This happened after 
> it asked the passphrase. Also, I couldn't create LVM-partitions on the 
> encrypted partition.
> I tried both, dm-crypt and the loop-AES. Unfortunately I don't have the 
> logs anymore. I checked the partman log when trying encryption and it said 
> something like following: 
> "/lib/partman/choose_partitions/35crypto/do_option: cryptsetup failed"
> Encryption seemed to work the first time when I wiped the partition and 
> tested it but I couldn't make the partitioning I wanted so I exited the 
> installer and booted to retry
> but it wouldn't work anymore.

Do you remember if one or more of the partitions were 
configured to use a random key ?

I'm asking because there is a known problem with using random 
key encryption in the GUI installer. This affects both normal
loop-AES partitions with "keyfile" key and dm-crypt partitions
with "random" key. Those cannot be setup using the GUI installer
because a component required for those configurations is not
available for the gtk frontend.

On the other hand, you said it showed a normal error dialog, so
maybe this was actually caused by something different. If the
problem was indeed the missing component, it should have shown an
error dialog saying "tools missing for encryption", instead of
simple "an error occured".

I will try to reproduce this problem. David, maybe you have an
idea what might have gone wrong?


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