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Bug#387470: debian-installer: needs an possibility to load a full font for g-i

On Thursday 14 September 2006 16:54, Kenshi Muto wrote:
> ttf-cjk-compact-udeb and some other font packages for graphical-
> installer have only limited characters by size problem.
> But because debian-installer is dynamic system, it's hard
> to assume what new debconf messages appear (especially after running
> tasksel and aptitude).
> If new message has an new character, graphical-installer will
> show a broken character or just miss it.

Note that the newt frontend has exactly the same problem: if a character 
is not in the "needed characters" list for a language, it will not be 
displayed correctly.

I see no reason to treat this issue differently in the graphical installer 
than in the regular one. The team and translators just need to make sure 
that characters they need are included in the font files. This may take a 
while to get right and may lead to the occasional minor bug, but I would 
not expect major problems from this.

(BTW. I really like how the graphical frontend just tells you which glyph 
is missing.)


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