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Bug#387470: debian-installer: needs an possibility to load a full font for g-i

> level1-5 haven't enough characters because tasksel calls more packages
> include debconf templates.

Indeed, packages installed by tasksel should be listed in
level4. However, we did put here the packages that prompt at high
priority AND are installed for ANY languages when selecting one of the
tasksel tasks.

We could maybe add yet another level for packages that:

Category 1:
-are installed by one of the tasksel tasks
-use debconf (but only medium or low priority)

Category 2:
-are installed by one of the language tasks
-use debconf for input

These would make a new level (or two new levels) with Category 2 being
indeed language dependent (a concept we don't have yet).

This *also* should be a post-etch planned change for the D-I i18n

These new levels should be listed as level 5 for Category 1, thus
moving the current level 5 to level 6. The language-dependent level is
mor etricky as, obviously there is no point in translating to French
the templates of a package that's installed only with the Japanese
task, for instance.

With all this, *then* the glyphs used in all levels would make a good
subset of the needed glyphs.

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