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Bug#387500: Debian installer fails to install GRUB

reassign 387500 grub
severity 387500 grave
unfound 387500 etch
found 387500 0.97-15

On Thursday 14 September 2006 20:35, Tommi Höynälänmaa wrote:
> Description:
> Debian installer fails to install GRUB. It gives an error message.

> GRUB cannot be installed. I get an error dialog saying (translation
> from Finnish):
>   Failed to execute command "grub-install (hd0)"
>   This is a serious error.
> Other comments:
> I am able to install LILO on the same system. Executing "grub-install
> (hd0)" on the command line on the installed system works but GRUB will
> not boot correctly then. Some files may be missing for it (menu.lst).

Looks like the updated version of grub is breaking Beta 3. Please fix ASAP 
and upload with priority urgent.

I can reproduce with a Beta3 businesscard. There is _no_
/target/sbin/grub-install present which leads to a failure when 
grub-installer is running 'chroot /target /sbin/grub-install -h'.

I'm pretty disappointed that we are running into this despite all 
assurances that the new grub would not break Beta 3.

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