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Bug#387500: Debian installer fails to install GRUB

Package: installation
Version: etch beta 3

Debian installer fails to install GRUB. It gives an error message.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start installing Debian from Debian Etch beta 3 netinst CD. This bug may be specific to IDE hard disks.
2. Create the following partitions (sizes that I have used also listed):
/boot 256MB primary
swap 1GB primary
/  5 GB primary
/data about 35MB logical (this partition is probably not needed)
3. Install the system normally. Fetch the packages from Internet. Choose all alternatives except DNS server and Mail server in tasksel. Be sure to try installing GRUB (this should be done automatically).
Install GRUB into MBR.

Expected results:
GRUB shall be installed correctly into MBR.

Actual results:
GRUB cannot be installed. I get an error dialog saying (translation from Finnish):
 Failed to execute command "grub-install (hd0)"
 This is a serious error.

Other comments:
I am able to install LILO on the same system. Executing "grub-install (hd0)" on the command line on the installed system works but GRUB will not boot correctly then. Some files may be missing for it (menu.lst).

Hardware information:
Computer: Dell Optiplex GX260
Hard disk: 40GB IDE hard disk

System information:
Default kernel and libc for etch beta 3 have been used.
Finnish language and keyboard settings have been used.

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