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Bug#340007: SELECT questions are not automatically scrolled to the active choice

Christian Perrier wrote:
I ran into a similar issue with language choosing while testing the web frontend: the answer string to the SELECT question could not be parsed correctly by the cdebconf client app (localechooser?).

Could this be because the answer is actually non pure ascii?

I've just switched my brain on, and i understand that i completly misunderstood what frans was trying to say. I did a test with recent GTKDFB 2.10.2 libraries and the gtktreeview is actually scrolled to the selected row, which is correctly highlighted in blue. I guess this bug is related to specific GTKDFB verison 2.8.20 used in the d-i, and may be somehow similar to bug #385026 (but i'm not sure).
I aplogize for the misunderstanding.


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