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Bug#340007: SELECT questions are not automatically scrolled to the active choice

Christian Perrier wrote:
I ran into a similar issue with language choosing while testing the web frontend: the answer string to the SELECT question could not be parsed correctly by the cdebconf client app (localechooser?).

Could this be because the answer is actually non pure ascii?

In the GTK frontend, language selection seems to work well, while i belive in the web frontend some characters were passed back to localechooser in unicode format (but i know very little about character encoding, so i cannot speak). What makes me doubt this bug is related to the GTK frontend is that i'm able to reproduce a similar "bug" with the NEWT frontend too (default priority)

-At the initial languages list i select a language other than english and, after pressing enter, the next screen is correctly localized in, let's say, Italian

-I then configure keyboard etc, and strings are still correctly localized, and proceed straight to network configuration

-I let the DHCP client configure the network card, and when i'm asked to give the host a name, i press ESC multiple times until i get back to the main menu, which is still correctly localized in Italian, as it should be

-Now, i select again "selezionare la lingua/choose language", and both the next question's description and extended descripion are english only

-If i press ESC and go back to the main menu, also the main menu is displayed in english only again

Now, is this an expected behaviour? if the answer is yes, i guess this bug should be closed. Could someone please try to reproduce this "bug" following the above reported steps?



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