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Bug#340007: SELECT questions are not automatically scrolled to the active choice

Frans Pop wrote:
reopen 340007

Note that this still does not work correctly in all cases.

If I select Irish in localechooser and then go back to localechooser later, I get this screen:


Missing the automatic scrolling to active choice (row) was a pure GTK issue (functionality non implemented/broken in GTK 2.0.9), and had nothing to do with this issue. I don't mean this issue cannot be related somethow to the GTK frontend, but it seems to me it has nothing to do with this specific bug. I ran into a similar issue with language choosing while testing the web frontend: the answer string to the SELECT question could not be parsed correctly by the cdebconf client app (localechooser?).
Can this bug be reproduced with other frontends too (NEWT) ?
More investigating is needed..


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