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Re: New cdebconf facility allowing simpler translated choices

> You should separate Choices-C entries by comma-space rather than just
> comma, and you'd have to check whether po-debconf will do the right
> thing there, but yes, that should be a reasonable approach. Make sure to
> depend on appropriate versions of debconf/cdebconf.
> That said, in the case of console-data which isn't doing any
> substitutions, using Choices-C and Choices really doesn't buy you very
> much over using Choices and Choices-en.

It will, imho, but as a side effect: strings in PO-files will then be
the "English" ones and not the keymap codes.

Having the keymap codes leads to many translator errors where these
are "translated" to keymap codes, despite a special warning in the D-I
i18n doc AND comments in console-data POT file.

About separating with "comma space" that probably requires changes to
the package build system.....well, I'm not sure I'll touch this

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