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Bug#332227: fixed in yaboot-installer_1.1.7 ?

resent, as I forgot to cc: the submitters..


yaboot-installer_1.1.7 was uploaded three days ago and fixed #375505 and 
#377098 which look quite similar to these bugs - could you please try again 
with a new daily build from sid and see if the bug still exists?

From the changelog:

   * Only write  magicboot= line on NewWorld PowerMacs (closes: #375505).
   * If ofpath returns nothing, try leaving out the device= line in the hope
     that yaboot will figure it out (it's better than writing an unparseable
     configuration file; see #375505).
   * Write appropriate console=hvc* into append= line if using an HVC virtual
     serial console (closes: #377098).


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