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Re: grub2 on powerpc

On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 06:40:26PM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I'd love to test it.  And I have PPC hardware (PowerPC Macs) to test  
> it on.  But I'm not a developer.  What can I do to help?

Here's a short explanation:

 - Checkout d-i source.

 - Apply my patch and build grub-installer udeb.

 - Put the udeb in installer/build/localudebs, and add it to the cd with:
     echo grub-installer > installer/build/pkg-lists/local

 - Build a netboot image as normal.

 - Boot the resulting image in expert mode, and when queried about using grub2
   answer Yes.

 - Check wether it boots (and have a rescue disk at hand!)

Robert Millan

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