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Re: Beta-3 Etch install avoiding commandline?

Quoting Chris Lale (chrislale@untrammelled.co.uk):
> It does not seem possible to install a desktop system with a totally gui 
> interface using the beta-3 debian-installer. expertgui looks really 
> good, but tasksel 2.53 only has an option for 'Desktop environment'. 
> This may be broken 
> (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=386244), but, as far 
> as I can see, does not include Synaptic or any other gui front end for 
> APT. So, post-install requires use of commandline apt-get or aptitude in 
> order to install any packages - including any particular desktop.
> Is it possible to include a gui front end for APT in the installer for 
> the Etch release? A totally gui install would make Debian feasible for a 
> huge number of home desktop users migrating from Windows. Having to use 
> the commandline in the middle of an install (with no hand-holding) could 
> put a lot of potential users off.

While a agree that having a GUI package installation tool installed
when one installs the desktop task is definitely something to have
(don't we have something?), I disagree about your "in the middle of an
install" comment. So far, the installer installs tasks from tasksel
but does not offer a "manual install" option (the sarge one had one,
but it has been dropped while moving the packages installation to 1st

Please check against tasksel bug reports, there may be one already
requesting for a GUI package installer to be included in the desktop

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