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Re: Beta-3 Etch install avoiding commandline?

Chris Lale wrote:
> Is it possible to include a gui front end for APT in the installer for 
> the Etch release?

synaptic is included in the desktop task. Certian installation methods
(notably, using the full-size CD and no additional mirror) won't include
synaptic since it doesn't fit on the CD. Most other installation methods
(DVDs or anything involving a mirror) will include synaptic.

> Ideally, there should also be tasks for installing Gnome, KDE and Xfce 
> desktops.

There are (the xfce desktop task is not included in mainline yet). The
installation manual explains how to manually force the installer to use
a different desktop than the standard gnome desktop. (Basically, you
boot with tasksel/first=kde-desktop)

see shy jo

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