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Bug#269972: Refined patch to recognize floppy installs and display a warning about using English

The patch for solving #269972 (should warn users about English being
temporarily used during floppy installs even when choosing another
language) was waiting for a better method to "recognize" floppy
installs than the one I initially proposed.

Thanks to Sven Luther for the initial idea and to Joey Hess for the
implementation of the X_INSTALLATION_MEDIUM variable in
/etc/lsb-release, this is now possible and here is the refined patch I
intend to apply.


diff -Nru localechooser.orig/debian/localechooser.templates-in localechooser/debian/localechooser.templates-in
--- localechooser.orig/debian/localechooser.templates-in	2006-09-07 17:56:58.003192000 +0200
+++ localechooser/debian/localechooser.templates-in	2006-09-07 18:00:46.345462500 +0200
@@ -6,6 +6,15 @@
 # Example (french): Choisir la langue/Choose language
 _Description: Choose language
+Template: localechooser/no-translations-yet
+Type: note
+Description: Translations temporarily not available
+ Because of the low available space on the installation media, translations
+ will not be available immediately.
+ .
+ The installation will continue in English until the installer
+ loads packages that include translations from a CD or the network.
 Template: languagechooser/language-name-ascii
 Type: select
 Choices: @languagenames_ascii@
diff -Nru localechooser.orig/localechooser localechooser/localechooser
--- localechooser.orig/localechooser	2006-09-07 17:56:58.011192500 +0200
+++ localechooser/localechooser	2006-09-07 18:02:41.436655250 +0200
@@ -289,6 +289,12 @@
+[ -f /etc/lsb-release ] && . /etc/lsb-release
+if [ "$X_INSTALLATION_MEDIUM" = "floppy" ] ; then
+	db_input high localechooser/no-translations-yet || true
+	db_go || true
 db_set "debconf/language" "$LANGUAGELIST"
 log "Set debconf/language = '$LANGUAGELIST'"

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