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Re: Gtk 2.10 (DirectFB) progress report - update

Loïc Minier wrote:

>>> - to rebuild the DirectFB flavor of Cairo with --enable-pdf and
>>>   --enable-ps as requested in Debian #383297
>> still awaiting the patch to be applied, currently GTK+ from HEAD does 
>> not compile against DFB flavour of cairo from debian packages because of 
>> lack of PDF and PS support.
>  Indeed, I hadn't any new from Dave Beckett either.  Dave, would you
>  mind if I NMU libcairo with the proposed changes perhaps to
>  experimental if you so prefer?

No, do not do this.

I already said that I won't change/bloat the cairo+directfb udebs
that are for the installer.  They don't need PDF and PS support
and do need lib/dev debs that match the udeb so that other udebs
can be built against them, such as the gtk+directfb udeb.

>>> - to rebuild Cairo against the new DirectFB which changes SONAME, I
>>>   hope an upload to experimental will be possible once DirectFB is
>>>   uploaded but I've not requested that yet
>> current cairo-directfb depends from DFB 0.9.25, so i guess this is solved ?
>  Correct, this was only required because of the first point.

Is this gtk bump is really required for the etch release?
At this stage I'm not seeing why gtk+directfb is a priority to have
versus having stability of libraries.

If necessary we'll have to make a 3rd rebuild of cairo.  I'm wondering
about having two source packages, one that builds the udeb+deb
cairo+directfb minimal (which can be subjected to release freezes)
and the other that builds the cairo/cairo+directfb with full features.

Or can I just enable directfb in the main cairo build?  Do you really
want a cairo with no X?


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